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Open Mic FAQ

 What time should I show up?

A: We usually try to start with the first performer shortly after 8pm.  Sometimes the list gets pretty full so if you don't want to play last, show up around 8:00 to 8:30.  Most of the time we will arrive and setup early, feel free to come play a couple tunes before the contest begins.


Q: How do you determine the order of performers?

A: We call players from the list in the order that they appear on the list.  If you need to play before him, but not after her and you need to leave by 10:00 o'clock, then you should settle that with the other people on the list BEFORE you sign up.


Q: How many songs can I play?

A: Each act may play a maximum of three songs each.  It's tempting to do "just one more", but we ask that you consider the other folks that are waiting to play and keep it to three songs.


Q: What kind of music can I play?

A: If you can play it or sing it, we want to hear it.  It doesn't even matter if you play an instrument.  We've heard everything from Hip-Hop to Opera and Blues to Country.  It's that kind of diversity that makes each night unique and memorable.

Q: Can I bring my electric guitar?

A: For the sake of time, simplicity and lack of space we ask that you do not bring amplifiers or other unnecessary equipment.  It is acceptable to use a single acoustic effects pedal or plug your electric guitar directly into the house PA system, but we like to keep things as simple as possible.  It's not Carnegie Hall.


Q: How do you determine the winner?

A: On normal Open Mic nights we use crowd response and our best judgment as the determining factors when picking a winner (and the secret panel of judges behind the 2-way mirror).  During Shootout Series we use a panel of volunteer judges.


Q: If I win or finish second, am I excluded from winning again?

A: Absolutely not.  As long as you come out and rock the house you are eligible to win.  It doesn't matter that you've previously won or how many times.


Q: How can I be a judge?

A: Talk to us on the night of the contest to sign-up as a judge.  To be a judge you must agree to the following:

    - You must be present for the entire slate of performers.

    - You cannot be a performer on the night you are judging.

    - You will be honest and objective when casting your vote.



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